Dr. Corrinne Graham

President of Graham International Consulting

Dr. Corrinne Graham, a management consultant, small and start-up business specialist, has nearly two decades of experience across a diverse spectrum of businesses with revenues ranging from $20m to $500m. She has served as chief officer, director, senior manager or interim COO for companies with revenues for Start-ups under $1m as well “Mom and Pops” businesses to name brand enterprises across the market spectrum such as: Retail, direct marketing, family entertainment, security, foodservice, and healthcare. Dr. Graham serves an educational liaison role with Farmingdale State College, Stony Brook University, and University of the West Indies- Institute for Sustainable Development. Chair for Long Island Advancement for Small Business- Women in Business Partnership, Member of Town of Brookhaven Black History Commission, Facilitator and Co-Founder for “Brand Yourself in the Energy World,” and Past facilitator for Long Island and Town of Brookhaven Dress For Success Going Places Network Program. Dr. Graham Mentors and participate in a number of college and middle students programs.

Dr. Graham developed the CDP Model from her published research of Profitability and Cultural Diversity. The CDP Model sheds light on how to grow economies in the global economy through diversity. Some of her portfolio includes:

▪ Fuel Cell Technology
▪ Direct-Coupling technology
▪ Emergency Shelters (Sandy Victim in Amityville, NY and Haiti)
▪ Keeping The Lights On, STAR Technology a light saving technology for individuals
▪ Three Workforce Development Program Initiatives
▪ Micro-Grid
▪ Tiny Homes
▪ Digital Currency
▪ Space Renaissance

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