Our first course is designed to introduce impact investing explained by impact enthusiasts, experts, and pioneers who developed the Impact Investing Movement.

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Every impact expert we’ve spoken to has an inspiring turning point that led them to fall in love with impact investing. We hope that these stories will inspire you, and perhaps, start you on your own impact journey.

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Impactful Entrepreneur – Some of the people who are moving the needle most in terms of progressing this movement are who we call Impact Entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurship is gaining strength, and these experts will share their experiences of how they’re using their businesses to make an impact.

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This course highlights Impact Products and Investment Strategies, explains how products qualify as Impactful, and details how to implement Impact in your portfolios.

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This course outlines practical ways all Financial Advisors and Investors can learn how to invest with Impact and why it is important to do so.

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This Course, was presented at the Long Island Financial Planners Association’s 2016 Symposium on October 28th, 2016.
Event Sponsor, Vanderbilt Financial Group, led the Impact U based panel of impact experts; Jon Hale of Morningstar, Jim Lumberg of Envestnet, Katherine St. Onge of Calvert, and Amr Addas of Concordia University’s SIP Certification, moderated by Vanderbilt CEO and Impact Enthusiast, Steve Distante.
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