Impactful Insights

Introduction to Impactful Insights

with Steve Distante

Impact U Chief Disruption Officer, Steve Distante, gives an introduction to our second course, “Impactful Insights”. Every Impact Expert we’ve spoken to has an inspiring turning point that led them to fall in love with Impact Investing on what we call their “Impact Journey”. We hope that these stories will inspire you, and perhaps, start you on your own Impact Journey.

Impactful Insights

Impactful Insights with Joan Trant

with Joan Trant

Joan Trant is the Director of Marketing & Impact at TriLinc Global, but her impact journey started much before that. Listen in to Joan’s journey stemming from an interesting childhood.

Impactful Insights

Impactful Insights with Chintan Panchal,
The “Impact Attorney”

with Chintan Panchal

Chintan Panchal is what we call an “Impact Attorney” who started Impact U Founder of his Impact Journey. So really, without Chintan, there would be no Impact U! (Thanks Chintan!). Chintan is the founder of RPCK|Rastegar Panchal, a law firm which has a specialty is impact investing and social finance. RPCK|Rastegar Panchal aids clients from multinatioanl corporations, high growth companies, institutional funds and foundation across a broad spectrum of indsutries throughout the United States a Europe.

Impactful Insights

Impactful Insights with Dr. Corrinne Graham

with Dr. Corrinne Graham

Dr. Corrinne Graham discusses her extensive insights into the impact space through her experience as a management consultant for companies and schools in the impact/ESG space.
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Impactful Insights

Impactful Insights with Expert Michael Whelchel

with Michael Whelchel

Michael Whelchel is the Co-Founder of Big Path Capital and a pioneer in the Impact Space. In this e-book, he urges financial advisors to pay attention to Impact Investing for the good of their practices, their clients, and the world.

Impactful Insights

Impactful Insights with Alexandra Ostrow

with Alexandra Ostrow

Alexandra Ostrow discusses how her company helps non-profits, businesses and governments make an Impact in our world today.

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