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Some notable Impact Experts include:
• Micahel Whelchel Co-founder of Big Path Capital
• R. Paul Herman CEO and Founder of HIP Investor
• Samuel Pierce CEO of IW Financial

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Steve Distante is the CEO (as he likes to say, “Chief Entrepreneurial Officer”) of Vanderbilt Financial Group, an Independent Broker Dealer and Registered Investment Advisory that manages over $1 billion in assets. Steve prides himself on being a social entrepreneur with a focus on Impact Investing, investments that have either a Social and/or Environmental Impact. Vanderbilt’s headquarters, located in Woodbury, NY, recently became Long Island’s first LEED Platinum Office Building creating a tangible example of Vanderbilt’s commitment to sustainability.

When Steve began his Impact journey he, like many others, sifted through the commonly confused topics of socially responsible investing, philanthropy, and impact investing. He quickly realized that learning about impact investing was as not easy or accessible as it should be. In 2016, Steve launched IMPACT U to provide a unified and easily navigational platform where Impact Experts can collaborate, share experiences, and teach impactful ways of investing.

Learn more about Steve here.

We believe that sharing impactful experiences from Impact Experts
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